T-Minus 5 Days to My First Half!

Good Monday morning! I trust that everyone has had a good weekend.  I am pleased to say that I have almost recovered from the Macon Mud Run that I participated in this past Saturday. One thing I forgot to mention in my last blog post was my original plan for that day.  I was going to do my 8 mile long slow distance slow run early in the morning then do the mud run at 11:15.  Well I am glad I skipped it, because I would have been worn out!   I got up early yesterday and did my 8 mile run around the base running trail.  My only major gripe was that my RunKeeper app crashed 33% into my run so I had to manually figure out my time.  Not only that, I modified my route (by adding), so I had to measure the extra loop (the main trail is about 3.07 miles).  I was probably off in my calculations, but I wanted to get the distance recorded!

Well I can’t believe it! In 5 days, I will be running my FIRST HALF MARATHON! My original goal was to finish the race in at least a 10 minute pace but since I have this is my first half,  I revised the goal.  My new goal is to just finish it; time/pace doesn’t matter. I am going to give it my best and establish a time to beat at the #RunForGod half the following week. To date, I have invested 55 training days and over 300 miles of running. I know I can do it. Why? Cause I can do ALL things through CHRIST Who gives me strength!!

I have modified my training plan for this week.  My revised plan will be:

Monday:  3 mile easy slow run

Tuesday: 8 mile fast tempo run

Wednesday: 5 mile feel good run

Thursday and Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: THE BIG DAY!! 

Another change I am making is what shoes I will be running in.  For races, I normally run in my Mizuno Wave Rider shoes however I think I am going to run in Brooks Ghost 6 instead (my training shoes).  I ran 12 miles in my wave riders two weeks ago however I feel the Ghost 6 are more comfortable for long distance runs.

Since we are talking about changes, I am also changing one of my 2014 running goals.  My original running goal was to run 650 miles this year.  With the amount of running that I have been doing (and plan to do training for my first full marathon), I can project that I will meet and exceed that goal way before years end. So I decided to raise the bar. New 2014 goal: 1000 MILES!! Now I am at 31% instead of 48%..lol.

As Saturday approaches, my anticipation and excitement increase.  I look forward to sharing my thoughts on my first half this coming weekend.  Have a great week and happy running!




4 thoughts on “T-Minus 5 Days to My First Half!

  1. I love your new goal and know you’re going to do wonderfully!! I can’t wait to read your report!!


  2. You’re gonna rock it! Enjoy it — mine went by too fast!


  3. Hoping your tapering goes well for your race! 🙂


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