Instead of racing, I was pacing! (2014 Macon Labor Day Road Race)

Happy Labor Day! Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. I can’t believe that it is already September! This year has flown by.  This morning, I ran in the 2014 Macon Labor Day Road Race 5K.  There was a 10K option available however since I ran a half marathon last Sunday, I went ahead and signed up for a 5K.  My original plan was to set a new 5K PR (below 25:34).  With all the running I have been doing since August 2013, I already knew that I could easily beat my 2013 race time.

When one of my Run For God friends (Jamie) found out that I was running in the race today, she asked me if I could pace her husband, Chuck.  Without hesitation, I accepted. My attitude was that I would rather help out a fellow runner achieve their goals than my own. She gave me a target goal of 9:30 to 10:00 minutes per mile.  I don’t know why but I should have asked her what was his last 5K race time was.

I arrived at the starting line about an hour before race time.  Soon, I met with up with Jamie and Chuck.  While we were waiting, we passed the time by taking pre-race photos and talking about random stuff.  Soon, two more people from our Run For God group joined us.  8 am rolled around and the race was about to start, so we gathered in the street.  For the 5K, there were over 1700 people (the 10K had over 300).  The race started so off we went.

Like I said before, I never paced anyone in a race before and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous.  We started at a comfortable pace of 9:15 per mile.  The hardest part was maneuvering around the other runners but at least we had the entire width of the street to run in.  1 mile done.  All of the sudden was a 70 foot hill climb.  For some runners, it was a struggle but my friend managed to run up it without stopping.  From there, it was downhill so that was a major plus. 2 miles done.  I could tell Chuck was getting tired but Crystal and I encouraged him to push on, that the finish line was almost in sight.  As we were approaching the finish line, Jamie was there to capture our photo line finish.  It was pretty awesome because we started together and finished together.

Chuck’s race time was 30:13. For being in the 50-54 age bracket, that is a pretty impressive time.  After the race, I learned that his last 5K time was 32:05 which he ran in June 2014.  The three of celebrated by getting cooled off by a fire truck then we proceeded to the finish line to cheer our other Run For God friends who also ran in the race.

Today was a very awesome day.  Even though I sacrificed a race today, I got more satisfaction by helping a friend achieve his goals.  Jamie was so excited and was about in tears of what her husband accomplished today.  He will be running a sub 30 5K in no time.  And I wouldn’t mind helping him again to get there.

Hope everyone has an awesome week and happy running!

Final Thought:  This doesn’t really mean anything but even with me pacing my friend, I still managed to beat my 2013 time by 5 seconds 😉


Thanks to Jamie for taking these pictures for us!

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2 thoughts on “Instead of racing, I was pacing! (2014 Macon Labor Day Road Race)

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