New PR for my Second Half Marathon in a week!

Good Evening everyone! Hope you are enjoying this weekend.  I just returned from completing my second half marathon in a week; Run at the Mill in Dalton, GA (sponsored by Run for God). There is so much to tell, so let’s get started!

This race wasn’t only my second half marathon; it also served as a “graduation race” for the Run For God 10K/Half Marathon Challenge course we just completed.  We have been training since early January and even though I already ran my first half last week, I was excited with the rest of my group since today was their big day and first 10K/Half Marathon race.

Our race took place at Prater’s Mill near Dalton, GA about a 3 hour drive from Middle Georgia (to date, this is the farthest I have traveled for a race). It also happens to be the first race where I ran in the country.  The area was beautiful. Here are some pictures of Prater’s Mill:

20140411_163637 20140411_163525 20140411_163508 20140411_163435 20140411_155227 20140411_155136 20140411_155126

Since this was my second half, I set a goal of busting my previous time: 2:08:53.  I’ll be honest, I felt like I had my work cut out for me.  Last week, I didn’t care what time I finished it in; now I had to set a new half marathon PR!

The Half Marathon race started at 7 am, so we got to Prater’s Mill at about 6:15.  I’ll admit, when the alarm went off at 5:15, I didn’t want to get up! When we got there, there was a morning fog and the temperature was a comfortable 53 degrees.  We just hung around and waited for the race to start.  After the National Anthem and prayer, we took a pre-race photo:


We gathered at the starting line and before you know it, we were off.  I did what I did at my last half: ran at a comfortable pace and didn’t pay attention to my running app.  I really wished I could take pictures while I was running; the country side was beautiful with quaint homes, open fields, and farms.  Even though we were running  out in the middle of nowhere, we saw some families who out bright and early to cheer us on.  One of the weirdest things I have never experienced was how spread out we were.  There were several times where I was by myself with a runner or two ahead of me or behind me.  The course was very challenging.  Like my last half, there were many hills however it seemed to be rolling hills.  One hill after another.  At mile 7, we came to part of the course where we ran down the road about a mile and turned around.  What was neat about this part was we seen runners who were coming back.  We started to give thumbs up and compliments to the other runners who had a faster pace.  I saw two of my group runners and I made a point to high five them.  During this part, I had a burst of energy and picked up the pace a little probably because of the encouragement I got from complete strangers.  When I turned around, I did the same thing for the runners that were behind me and I made sure I high fived my team mates.  I believe it was at mile 10 where a runner who was running his first half ran beside me and wished me the best.  I told him this was my second half and my goal was to set a new PR.  He was like “You are doing great: your pace is 9:23“. I was saying in my head “NOOOOO.  I didn’t want to know my pace!!!!” Well since I knew my pace, I figured out I was on target to PR.  Mile 11.  Mile 12.  Mile 12 was a beast!!  There was a big hill climb.  I caught up with one of my team mates and I was pushing her that we were almost home.  Near the finish line, it was downhill.  Now the road leading up to the finish line was gravel so I was concerned about tripping and falling over. I didn’t care; I bolted for it.  As I came around the corner, people were cheering me on and they announced my name, hometown and completion time as I raced for the finish line.  I was fortunate to have a young friend to record on video this special moment and I wished I could upload the video here!

Well my second half marathon came to a close.  My race time: 2:04:29!!!! I SHAVED 4 Minutes and 24 seconds from my half one week ago! I am used to shaving seconds not minutes when setting a new PR!!! Yes! I did it.  I was concerned about running two half marathons back to back a week apart and I am so glad that I took the challenge and succeeded.  I got my race medal and joined the crowd in welcoming everyone across the finish line especially my team mates.  One unique feature about any of the Run for God races is that the awards ceremony doesn’t start until the LAST runner crosses the finish line.  The last two runners (whom I believe drove all the way from Michigan) came in and the crowd went into a roar.  A group of young kids who are training for a triathlon ran with the two ladies as they crossed the finish line.  They may have been last, but in my book they are still winners!

During the awards ceremony, I had to sit down because my back was killing me! After the race concluded, we left and met with some other runners at Cracker Barrel for lunch.  Trust me I was hungry; I cleared my plate in 10 minutes!  After sitting in the car for a while, my back didn’t cause me any more issues.

Yes I am very proud of myself for what I achieved and very proud of my team mates for what they accomplished today.  I consider the Run For God group my family.  They have encouraged and supported me not only in my running but also when I was facing a challenge in my life.  Even though this class maybe over, I hope to run with my RFG friends in the near future.  I am also excited about starting two my challenges on my goals list:  train for the Run for God Triathlon in July and begin training for my first full marathon this coming November.  I am so excited that I am going to start training for it next week!

Thanks for reading about my 2nd half marathon.  Again, I am pleased to what I have achieved and this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my running friends but most of all God!  Happy running and hope to talk to you again soon!


IMG_20140412_150758 Screenshot_2014-04-12-09-09-24 20140412_203716 20140412_203700 20140412_203636 20140412_172950



My First Half Marathon Experience!

Good Saturday afternoon! I hope you are having a fantastic day.  Well I did it. I have completed another milestone in my running adventure: completed my first half marathon! Allow me to share my experiences with you!

I participated in the first annual Chick-Fil-A Half Marathon which was held in Athens Georgia, home of the University of Georgia and the Georgia Bulldogs! Proceeds from the race will benefit a family with a brand new home (Habitat for Humanity).

I arrived early evening last night at the Classic Center to pick up my registration packet and check out the Health and Fitness Expo that was sponsored by New Balance.  I walked around, checked out the vendors and ended up buying a t-shirt and car magnet.  Before I left, I checked out the 1 Mile Run and 1 Mile Family Fun Run that was in progress.  The fasted runner had a time of 4:55! Wow – I wished I could do It was fun to see young boys and girls cross the finish line and I had fun cheering them on with a cow bell!

20140404_180635 20140404_180650 20140404_182125 20140404_182154

I left the expo and headed to my hotel which was about four miles away.  When I got there, I had a problem: I couldn’t get my seat belt to unfasten! It was stuck.  After fighting with it for several minutes, I had to “creatively” exit the vehicle.  I checked in, got a bite to eat, and headed to Walmart to get a couple of things.  I bought some lubricating oil, hoping that would make my seatbelt unfasten.  It worked!!

When I got back to the hotel, I was checking out the stuff in my race packet and getting my gear together for a picture.  I pulled out my bib and noticed that the number was 505, which happens to be my birthday! As I was I was getting everything out of the bag, I notice something was missing.  Actually, four things were missing.  I HAD NO SAFETY PINS!! You gotta be kidding me! Well I didn’t have any in my gym bag, so I had to get back out again.  I didn’t have to go far; there was a Target across the street. I thought it would be easy to find.  Yeah right.  I looked all over the store for 10 minutes and couldn’t find them.  I had to swallow my pride and ask a sales associate.  In the sewing section?  Duh!!  Well now I have spare safety pins in my gym bag just in case if this should happen again.  But then again, I have about 100 at home from previous races!


I got back to the hotel and pinned my bib to my shirt.  After I took a shower, I crashed at about 11 pm.  Don’t get me wrong, I was so excited – I didn’t sleep much! The race started at 7:35 am.  Even though I was 4 miles away, it looked like parking was at a premium and I didn’t want to chance not finding a parking spot and being late.  So I got up at 5:30, put on my cow costume, and left for the race at 5:50. As I was getting into my car, I took off my cow hat and I noticed something dropped in my passenger seat.  I looked and the right eye of my cow fell off!! NOOOOOOOO!!!  All of these technical difficulties!! I didn’t want to run with one eye (the cow, not me!). Well the Target across the street was closed so my other option was Walmart to get some super glue.  While I was driving, I decided to swing in a gas station to see if they carried super glue, Elmer’s Glue, or just plain glue.  Heck, I’ll settle for some tape!! I was in luck; they had super glue! Yay! I bought some and headed to Classic Center. I got there at 6:15; I think other runners were having the same idea was me – getting there early.  I found a parking spot, paid for my parking, and then fixed my cow hat.  Not taking any chances, I glued the left eye! Now, it was the waiting game. I walked around the Classic Center, used the bathroom twice, and sat around.  To my surprise, I didn’t see many people in costume! 7 am rolled around so I checked in with the sprit tent.  They recorded my name and took my picture.  Whoever has the best cow costume, gets one free Chick-Fil-A meal for a year! I didn’t care if I won a prize or not.  I did it to have fun! Or maybe it was the fact last year, I posted on Facebook that if I get 13 likes I run around Athens in a cow costume.  I think I got 40 likes in 45 minutes! Not doing that again! I would have done it not matter what!

The race was about to start, so they asked all the runners to go to a “cow pen” with what pace/completion time they were comfortable with.  This is the first race I have attended where they have pacers.  When I was going in to this, my goal was to just finish; time and pace didn’t matter.  I decided to go with the 2:10 or 9:55 pace.  After prayer and the National Anthem (the way EVERY RACE should start), the gun went off.  Off I went! In my cow outfit.  No turning back now.

Out of all the races I have participated in, this one was the most challenging.  I am not taking about the distance.  I am talking about HILLS.  Athens was built on hills, hills, and more hills.  According to my app, there was about a total of 1095 feet of hill climbs.  I started at a comfortable pace, a little far back from the 2:10 pacer.  It was beautiful going through historic downtown, University of Georgia campus, and the surrounding neighborhoods.  Along the way, I tried to thank all of the volunteers and police officers that were directing traffic, pointing us in the right direction, handing out water, and cheering us on.  The entire route was filled with college students and families that were lining the streets to cheer us on. It was kind of funny, because I seen some of the same people 2 to 3 times because they were traveling by car to strategic points around the course.  Almost 30 people complimented me on my cow costume.

I was getting hot and tired but that didn’t stop me.  I was determined.  I ended up passing the 2:10 pacer at Mile 6 and kept going.  Mile 8. Mile 9.  Mile 10.  I was getting tired but feeling good.  I didn’t know what my pace was and I didn’t care.  I just wanted to finish.  Mile 12.  Now it was crunch time.  I looked at my pace and I was like what??? I kept going.  I’ll be honest, the last mile seem to take forever. Turn this way.  Turn that way.  Where is the finish line??? While I was running, I had the weirdest thing happen to me.  This guy on roller blades with a camera mounted on a pole was cruising down the  street filming me! I wasn’t sure if he was part of the Chick-Fil-A crew or if he was just doing it for the heck of it but he stayed with me for about 15 seconds.  Why did he pick me? Was it because of my cow costume?  There what seem to be like more zig zagging.  Then finally, I noticed where we were at: The Classic Center.  Right turn going downhill.  This is where the crowd was – near the finish line.  Well something got into me, because this cow went flying. For my photo finish, I crossed the finish line with my arms raised.  I picked up my medal, water, and a chicken biscuit. I was tired. I was hurting a little.  But I did it – completed my first half marathon without stopping or walking! I had to sit down. I took off my cow hat I and I was dripping with sweat.  But it was worth it!

Okay, now we come to the part you were waiting for: my time/pace.  I do not know my official time was (I had to leave to check out of my hotel by 1130 – and that was extended checkout!), but according to my app, my time was 2 hours and 9 minutes with an average pace of 9:42!!!! WOOOOOO!!!! Or should I say MOOOOOOOOOO!! Now being able to maintain a pace like that on this hilly difficult course for my first half was an added bonus!!!  Oh here is an added bonus:  my first 5K race pace in 2012 was 10:42 so I am shocked on how far I have come along.

My hard work paid off for my first half.  59 training days.  Over 320 running miles.  Was it easy?  Of course not.  I have had some discouraging days but I pressed on. My friends have been there to encourage and motivate me. But as I said before (and I’ll say it again), I couldn’t have done this without God by my side.

I am still ecstatic about what I accomplished today.  Because of what I was going through the past couple of weeks, I was that close to not doing this today.  I am so glad that I did!

I have my second half marathon one week from today: Run at the Mill in Dalton GA.  This race also serves as a “graduation race” for the Run for God 10K/Half Marathon Challenge class that I am a part of.  After I signed up for the Chick-Fil-A last year, this class was announced.  Since the races were a week apart, I was entertaining the following options:


Skip Chick-Fil-A and do the Run the at the Mill Half

Do Chick-Fil-A Half and do the Run at the Mill 10K

Run both!


Well that was a stupid question I asked because I am ready for my next one.  Now I have a new half marathon PR to set!

This is the longest post entry I have written to date, but I hope you enjoyed it.  Thanks for allowing me to share my first half marathon experience with you and until next time, Happy Running!!


2014-04-05 10.03.53 20140405_100134 20140405_095956 Screenshot_2014-04-05-09-47-41



T-Minus 5 Days to My First Half!

Good Monday morning! I trust that everyone has had a good weekend.  I am pleased to say that I have almost recovered from the Macon Mud Run that I participated in this past Saturday. One thing I forgot to mention in my last blog post was my original plan for that day.  I was going to do my 8 mile long slow distance slow run early in the morning then do the mud run at 11:15.  Well I am glad I skipped it, because I would have been worn out!   I got up early yesterday and did my 8 mile run around the base running trail.  My only major gripe was that my RunKeeper app crashed 33% into my run so I had to manually figure out my time.  Not only that, I modified my route (by adding), so I had to measure the extra loop (the main trail is about 3.07 miles).  I was probably off in my calculations, but I wanted to get the distance recorded!

Well I can’t believe it! In 5 days, I will be running my FIRST HALF MARATHON! My original goal was to finish the race in at least a 10 minute pace but since I have this is my first half,  I revised the goal.  My new goal is to just finish it; time/pace doesn’t matter. I am going to give it my best and establish a time to beat at the #RunForGod half the following week. To date, I have invested 55 training days and over 300 miles of running. I know I can do it. Why? Cause I can do ALL things through CHRIST Who gives me strength!!

I have modified my training plan for this week.  My revised plan will be:

Monday:  3 mile easy slow run

Tuesday: 8 mile fast tempo run

Wednesday: 5 mile feel good run

Thursday and Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: THE BIG DAY!! 

Another change I am making is what shoes I will be running in.  For races, I normally run in my Mizuno Wave Rider shoes however I think I am going to run in Brooks Ghost 6 instead (my training shoes).  I ran 12 miles in my wave riders two weeks ago however I feel the Ghost 6 are more comfortable for long distance runs.

Since we are talking about changes, I am also changing one of my 2014 running goals.  My original running goal was to run 650 miles this year.  With the amount of running that I have been doing (and plan to do training for my first full marathon), I can project that I will meet and exceed that goal way before years end. So I decided to raise the bar. New 2014 goal: 1000 MILES!! Now I am at 31% instead of

As Saturday approaches, my anticipation and excitement increase.  I look forward to sharing my thoughts on my first half this coming weekend.  Have a great week and happy running!



Half Marathon Training – Day 50

Good evening everyone! Last week, I noted that I was crazy for running a 5K race in the morning and running 11 miles in the afternoon.  Well, I graduated to REAL CRAZY because I ran my first 10K race this morning and ran 12 miles in the evening.

Even though I ran 6.2 miles this morning, I still wanted to get my mileage in for my half marathon training.  I thought I was going to run solo but one of my friends who missed the 6 am group decided to run with me.  I appreciated his company because it seemed to make the run go by faster.  Before starting my run, my goal was to FINISH the distance; I didn’t care what my pace was.  Since I pushed myself to get my 10K time in under an hour, I didn’t want to over do it on the 12 mile run and possibly injure myself.  The temperature was 80 degrees, so I wore my Amphipod waist pack with two 8 oz water bottles.  For the first time, I carried some pretzel sticks to munch on from time to time.

Well, we did it.  We completed a 12 mile run, which is the longest distance and duration to date.  I have to admit, my feet were sore but now feel better since I am soaking them in some Epson Salt.  Well at least this will be the farthest we will go during the remainder of our training; the longest distance we will run before race day is no more than 8 miles.

Well that’s about it.  I am going to relax tomorrow and do a walk on Monday for my cross training.  Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your weekend!



My First 10K Race! (2014 Cherry Blossom 10K)

Good Saturday afternoon everyone! Wow – another week that has flown by.  I know that I haven’t been on here for the past couple of days but rest assured my half marathon training is doing great.  Two weeks from today, I will be running my first half marathon in Athens, GA.  I started to train in early January but it feels like I just started my training yesterday.

Well today, I participated in my first 10K race.  I was suppose to run in the 2013 National Veteran’s Day 11K Run in Atlanta, GA but to my surprise and disappointment, the event ended up being cancelled.  Instead, I did a virtual run:  I ran my 11K here at home and after I was done, I logged in my mileage.  I got a certificate, a medal, and lapel pin for participating.  My time for that was 1:05:01 with an average pace of 9:30.  Not bad for a virtual 11K.  But it wasn’t a RACE!

It was late February when I was scrolling through the local race calendar and I noticed that there a Cherry Blossom Road Race scheduled for March 22, 2014.  It was one of the many festivities to kick off the Cherry Blossom Festival.  In addition, the race benefits Wesley Glen Ministries, an organization that serves adults with mental disabilities. When I noticed that they had a 10K route, I signed up without hesitation.

Before I went to the race, I met up with the Run For God 5K and 10K groups that were training early in the morning at 6:30.  For the 10K group, they were running the longest distance that the training called for: 6 miles.  I didn’t run; I was out there to cheer them on as they past by while I was enjoying my toasted peanut butter bagel.

I couldn’t stay long, so I left and headed to the race.  When I got there, I “ran” into friends from the Run Fit Sports, Robins Pacers group, and even Air Force coworkers.  It’s funny how you run into the same people race after race after race.  But that’s okay, I enjoy seeing my friends! Since I had a little bit of time, I used the restroom (a must!) and did a couple of warm up laps around the parking lot.  Well the race was about to start, so we all got to the starting line.  And the race started and off we went.  For some strange reason, my Pebble SmartWatch was not syncing with my RunKeeper when I started so I said whatever and put my phone in my waist pouch.  It was a pretty good course that was out in the country, similar to what I was running in the For the Love of Kratos 5K last weekend.  It had some hills but nothing major.  The course was simple: run to the halfway point and turn around.  When I turned around at the halfway point, I cheered my friends as they passed by.  While running, I noticed that a train was passing by.  I was hoping that didn’t effect the runners up front (the tracks had to be crossed to get back to the finish line).  From what I heard, it did.  While I was running, I thought I had a good comfortable pace.  I could tell that I was pushing myself.  I didn’t bother pulling my phone to check my pace; my focus was to cross the finish line.  I think it was at mile 5.25 when one my running friends caught up with me.  It was funny because that gave me an incentive to pick up the pace, which I did.  Well, before I knew it, the finish line was in sight.  One of my Air Force friends was there cheering me on and I decided to sprint for the finish line.  Yes, I am done! My first 10K race in my life is now complete.  One thing I like about this race was that it was chip timed, so we didn’t have to fill out our results when we were done.

Even though this was my first 10K race, I did a some goals for myself.  I could have set the goal of just completing it but I knew I could do that since I have been doing all of this long distance running for the past three months.  So I set the goal of competing the race in an hour or less and to beat my 11K pace of 9:30 per mile.  I looked at what my RunKeeper but I wanted to see what the unofficial results said. Soon the board was updated.  According to the sheet, these were my results:

Time: 53:23 with an average pace of 8:36!!!! YES, I BUSTED MY GOAL!!! I couldn’t believe it.  I shaved 54 seconds off my average pace from my virtual 11K run last November.  And again, I didn’t think I was going that fast! Just for kicks, I compared my average pace to my 5K races and my pace today was faster than 8 of the 10 5K races I have run so far.  I even did a 4 mile run before Christmas and my average pace for that was 9:10 per mile.  I am just blown away on my achievements and seeing how my training has been paying off.  And I am just getting started!!

Well today was a great day! Now that I have an official 10K race time on the books, I have a goal for my next 1oK race to set a new 10K PR.  My next 1oK will be the Chick-Fil-A 1oK in Dublin, GA on April 26, 2o14.

Well that’s it for now.  But I am not done today! Tonight at 6pm, I am meeting up with some friends and running 12 miles. This will be my longest distance and duration run to date.  Even though I ran a little over 6 miles this morning, I still want to get my training miles in for my half marathon.  Somebody was half joking that I should run 6 tonight.  I could but that’s CHEATING..IMO 😉 

Have a great Saturday and happy running! Thanks for reading!


IMG_20140322_092505951 Screenshot_2014-03-22-10-39-04

13 More Training Days to my First 13.1 Mile Race!

Good Evening everyone! Hope your week is off to a great start.  I have 13 more training days to my first 13.1 mile race and I can hardly wait!

Well I have to admit I was dreading tonight’s training,  It was part two of half marathon interval training that we had exactly one month ago.  Here is what our workout consisted of:

800 meter warm up jog                                                                                                                                                                                                                               1600 meter run with 200 meter recovery (4X)                                                                                                                                                                                800 meter cool down jog  (TOTAL MILES: 6) 

This was almost the same workout as before except the run portion was 800 meters and the total distance was 4 miles.  Last month, we did the first workout in the church parking lot; tonight we ran on the track.  One of the tips that was given for those running the half was to run in the opposite direction every other mile.  This was to help us prevent injury since we had a longer workout than the 10K group.  I liked the idea because it helped break the scenery running in different directions instead of running clockwise around the track umpteen times.  I am NOT a huge fan of running around a track! They also gave us the option of walking and/or jogging during the warm up/recovery/cool down portions but I opted to following the training plan to the letter and jog/run.

Going into the workout, I really didn’t have a goal other than to do better than the workout from a month ago.  I even forgot to check what my average pace was then.  During my workout, i jogged when I suppose to and ran as fast I could push myself during the one mile run portions.  To my surprise, i didn’t get tired or cramped.  I just ran! Whenever I would pass my teammates, I would high five them or encourage them.  Well before I knew it, my workout was completed.  I compared it to my first half marathon interval workout and couldn’t believe it. Here are the comparisons:


As you can see, I CRUSHED my average pace from a month ago! I was able to shave 1:17 off plus I had to run ONE mile instead of 1/2 mile each circuit.  I can’t believe what I have achieved today! And to be honest, I actually like this workout and probably will continue to use it in the future for speed training.  So far, I have trained for 46 days and I am still shocked at the results I am seeing, not only in my training but in my 5K races and 1.5 mile Air Force PT runs.  Fast Tempo Run, Easy Slow Run, Feel Good Run, Long Slow Distance Run, Active Recovery Workout and the way the training schedule didn’t make sense at first but now it does!

After our workout, some of us went down the street to cheer on the Run For God 5K Challenge class as they did their interval training.  They met at the new Run Fit Sports location that opened up in Bonaire. Every Run for God class meets at Run Fit (usually the second week of training) where they meet the staff and learn about they do and the different types of running shoes and accessories they offer.  I have been a customer of Run Fit Sports since 2010 and will always buy my shoes from them.  The staff has a lot of expertise and will recommend the proper shoe depending on your foot type.

Finally, I picked up my second half of my cow costume that I will be running in for my first half.  The staff at the print shop really hooked me up. Not only that they got the order done in 2 days (I was quoted two weeks).  Not only that, but if they were to make the same shirt again, it would cost more than what I was quoted so I was blessed! Here is a sneak peak:


The rest of my costume is classified until race day 😉

So what kind of speed interval training have you done? Something similar to what I have been doing or something different? Please comment below.  That’s it for now. Have a great evening and happy running!

Half Marathon Training – Day 45

Yes I am crazy.  I ran a 5K race this morning and did an 11 mile slow distance run in the afternoon.  Yep I sure did.  And you know what – I FEEL GREAT!! My original plan was to run my 11 mile run tomorrow however there is a 70% chance of thundershowers all day so I decided to get my run in today.  I met up with some other Run For God members who are also running the half that were not able to make it to group training this morning.  One of them even brought her 17 year old son who wanted to tag along.  There was no way I was going to run 11 miles at 6 am and run a 5K after.  It wouldn’t have made a difference because i wouldn’t have made it on time unless I started running at 5 am.  When we met at our designated meeting place at 1 pm, I joked around about running 8 miles since I have run 3.17 miles in the 5K.  Nope.  I wouldn’t have done that anyway;-) We took a brisk walk out to the road and started our run.  We ran on a road that has sidewalks on both sides of the road.  To be honest, I prefer to run on sidewalks or a designated running trail.  It’s just safer.  Since it was a long slow distance run, I tried to take it easy and run slow.  Well it didn’t work quite as planned.  More on that in a minute.  It was a good run and even though it was 70 degrees, there was a nice breeze to help cool us down.  Last Saturday I invested in a sport visor.  I prefer it over a standard hat.  I like how the top is open to keep the head cool. It has a sweat block seal that helps trap sweat instead of running down your face.  My Run For God instructor recommended this type hat and I absolutely love it!


During the run, we encountered some hills but they didn’t seem that bad with all of the hill training we have been doing.  I got to mile 5.5 and turned around to head back where we started.  I saw one of my running friends and pointed out where to turn around at.  The rest of our group must have turned around earlier because I didn’t see them.  I kept going at what I thought was a good pace.  To my surprise, I was not getting tired.  Before I knew it, my workout was complete.  I ran 11.02 miles in 1 hour 57 minutes for an average pace of 10:40 – My longest distance and duration thus far. What?? 10:40 pace?? I wasn’t meaning to go that quick! Here is a screenshot of my average pace per mile:


I am pleased with what I did today.  I was kind of all over in the first half but I picked up the pace during the return trip.  Oh, get this:  during our run, an ambulance driver was trying to do Eye of the Tiger as he was passing by.  I am not making this up!!

When I returned to our starting point, I met up with the other runners that turned around earlier.  I was happy for them because they got their 11 miles in by doing 2 miles around the Kroger Shopping Center.  But I was concerned.  One of the runners had not returned yet.  He was not far behind me but when I walked back a while he was no where to be seen.  After waiting a few minutes, I decided to jump in the car and go find him.  We have a saying in the Air Force, “Never leave your Wingman behind”.  Well in the running world, you never leave your fellow runner behind, so I wanted to be sure he was okay.  When I pulled out of the parking lot, I saw him walking back.  He was getting dehydrated so had to walk.  I was glad he was fine (and not injured somewhere) and he was happy that I stayed around to check up on him. I texted the rest of the group to let them know I found him and he was okay.

Wow, what a day.  I ran my best 5K PR time in the morning and turned around and did the longest distance and duration run to date.  And I feel fabulous.  My first half marathon is coming up and I am getting more excited.  Tomorrow is an active recovery day while Monday is a rest day.  Good thing it is because we are doing interval training again this Tuesday.  I am going to enjoy the next couple of days.  Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! Happy running 😉


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