I Run 4 Hunter

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Back in February, I ran across a post in a running page I follow about a group called I Run 4. What this group does is match runners with running buddies. Running buddies are those who are not able to run. The runner would dedicate their workouts for their buddies and post in the I Run 4 Facebook page and tag the parent/caregiver. It can be a run, walk, bike ride, even yoga. Well, I signed up without hesitation and on June 9th 2014, I was matched with Hunter. Ever since then, I have found a new sense purpose while at the same time bringing joy and excitement for Hunter. On days where I feel discouraged and feel like giving up, Hunter serves as a reminder of what and who I am doing it for. I find myself challenging myself even more and doing things that I probably wouldn’t be doing if I hadn’t signed up for this ministry. Even though I have been running for Hunter for over a month, I have formed a strong bond with him and his family. It’s funny, Hunter’s mother who is also dedicated runner, has 2-3 races that are scheduled on the same days as me! Now how cool is that?

If you are interested in becoming a runner or know someone with special needs that needs a runner, I encourage you to check out the link below. The waiting list is long but trust me it’s WORTH IT! And you don’t have to be wait to be matched; you can dedicate your workouts to your future buddy and those that are needing prayer.

I am very blessed to be part of Hunter’s life and thank God that He has given me the desire and the ability to run for those that can’t 😉 

I Run 4 About Page and Sign Up 


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