My First Double Digit Run in 17 Months

Hello! I hope everyone has had a fantastic week.  Today, I am celebrating my 42nd birthday.  Nothing special planned; I took the day off from work and my wife and I are planning to meet some friends for dinner and watch Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2.

Since I am working this weekend, I decided to do my long slow run early this morning. My training plan called for a 7 mile run, however, I wanted to challenge myself.  I set a goal of 10 miles.

It was a rather cool morning; the temperature was 52 degrees with a little wind. In my opinion, perfect running weather for the South and preferable to running in the heat.  My route was relatively flat with some hills especially a 1/2 mile at the beginning of my route.  I ran at a comfortable pace.  5 miles out and back.  By the time I got to my car, I looked at my pace (I normally don’t pay attention to how fast I am going on my run). 9:13 a mile.  9:13 a mile??? Are you kidding me??? I ran faster than my other runs earlier in the that were half the distance? I am on Week 7 after not running on a regular basis for over a year and I just did this? Am I in an alternate reality?  Did my Garmin malfunction?

As you can tell, I am shocked.  I was about 30 seconds slower than my half marathon PR from 2 years ago. For comparison, my first half marathon pace from April 2014 was 9:50 per mile and that was after 11 weeks of training in addition to completing a Run For God 5K class prior.  Honestly, I didn’t think I was going that fast. Here are my mileage splits:



Another funny thing is that I ran slower going down a half mile hill at the beginning but ran faster going UP it on the return trip.

I am very proud of what I accomplished today.  Watching some of my friends in my local Run For God running group pushing themselves has inspired me to do the same.   I know I will be ready for my 7th half marathon next month. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend everyone! Happy Running 😉



My First 5K Race in 14 Months

I am currently training for my 7th Half Marathon: The Hotlanta Half on June 11.  This will be my first half marathon in 18 months and I am very excited. My goal is to finish the race; if I end up with a PR, I will consider it a bonus.

I am about to finish Week 6 of Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Training Plan.  Saturday’s are normally long slow runs, however, today’s workout called for a 5K race.  There were several races to choose from in my area so I chose to run in the Quail Run Elementary Cub Crawl 5K.  Going in, my goal was to finish the race in the fastest time possible.  I already knew I wasn’t going to bust my PR (23:57) since I hadn’t ran a 5K race since February 2016. If I ended up placing in my age group, I would have considered that a bonus.

When the race started, I was in the leading pack.  I just ran at a comfortable but fast pace.  It’s funny on how on race day, your adrenaline kicks in and you run faster than on a training run.  I passed a couple of guys after mile 1 however after mile 2 I noticed one of them catching up to me so I pushed myself a little more.  25 minutes and 45 seconds later I crossed the finished line.  This is the fasted 5K I ran since December 2015 and my 11th fastest overall.  After I filled out my card with my info and time, I dropped it in the 41-50 male age group box (that’s an odd age group).  I noticed that my card was the first to go in.

After the race, the winners were announced.  I ended up taking 1st place in my age group.  The funny thing is I was the ONLY male in my age group. I could have ran slow and still placed.

All kidding aside, I am glad on what I accomplished today.  I ran my fastest 5K in a while plus I placed in my respective age group.  I look forward to running in more 5Ks and hopefully set a new 5K PR in the near future. Thanks for reading and have a great night!




Introducing Run with Troy 2.0! (A Fresh Start)

Hello, fellow runners! I hope everyone is having a good weekend. It has been over 2.5 years since I have written on this blog so I thought it would be a good idea to resurrect it. So this blog has been renamed Run With Troy 2.0! My goal is to keep this blog active going forward.  I really regret not using this since November 2014 because I had some awesome things happen during my running journey.  However, today is a new day and a fresh start.

Fresh start.  That is going to be my topic today.  From August 2013 to December 2015 I was a dedicated runner that ran at least 4 days a week and participated in races monthly.  However, from January to July 2016, I was deployed overseas.  During my deployment, I tried to stick to a running routine but I found it difficult to do so.  I only logged over 100 miles a running.  When I returned back to the states, I managed to get back in a running routine and was doing good from September till December.  But the first two months of 2017 was difficult.  For some strange reason, I lost my motivation and didn’t feel like running.  However, on March 21st, I decided to get back in the action and started on a half marathon training plan.  As of today, I am almost done with Week 6 and I haven’t missed a workout yet.  I am starting to see results and I am feeling better about myself.

Despite my setback, I am glad to be back in action.  If you feel like giving up or throwing in the towel – don’t.  Sometimes all you need is A FRESH START. Happy running everyone!


My Final Long Run Before Rock n Roll Savannah!

Good evening readers and happy weekend! I hope everyone is doing well.  Today, I was scheduled to run on what is probably the most important run of my marathon training: 20 miles.  Well I am pleased to report that I did it! And my average pace was 10:16 per mile, which is 71 seconds slower than my half marathon race pace.  I wasn’t so much shocked that I completed the distance but rather how fast I ran it considering this is the longest distance run I have ever done in my life.  I’ll admit, I was losing steam after mile 18 but I was determined to see it through!


This will be my final long run before race day.  Beginning next week, I will be in taper mode.  Now that I have a ballpark figure of my pace, I think I am going to run with the 4 hour 30 minute pace group.  It was kind of funny because when I first registered back in April, I stated my estimated completion time would be 4 hours and 45 minutes.

On a final note, I am totally blown away on how I have improved in my long distance running over a 5 week period. I really wasn’t expecting to be close to my half marathon pace.  I will probably end up surprising myself again come race day.



Well that’s it! Just a quick post of my 20 mile run today.  I am very confident I am going to do great the weekend of November 8th-9th. Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Happy running,

Troy 🙂

I Got a New 5K PR! (And set the bar higher in the process)

Good Saturday afternoon to my fellow runners and readers! Hope you are having an awesome day! Well I did it again.  I set a new 5K personal record.  While I got a new PR, I also ended up setting the bar higher than expected for future 5K races.

This morning, I was suppose to run in the Disaster Run.  Originally scheduled for September 13th, it was rescheduled to today.  However, earlier in the week, I got an email stating that the run was cancelled and will be postponed to 2015.  So at the last minute, I decided to run in the Nehemiah Men’s Home 5K Road Race.  With all the marathon training I have been doing since July, I felt confident that I was going to bust my previous PR of 25:37 (7/18/2014).

The race course was flat in some areas with some rolling hills through some of the neighborhoods.  I didn’t pay attention to how fast I was going. Even though I started to cramp a little and breathing harder than I normally would, I felt like my normal 5K pace which is around 8:30 per mile range.  I was about to get water at the halfway point but ended up skipping it.  Even though I felt like I was out of energy, the finish line was in sight.  When I saw the time, I sprinted for the finish.

At the time of the writing, I do not know what my official race time is however when I crossed the finish line my time (according to the time and my Garmin) was 23:57!!  At an average pace of 7:41 per mile, I was able to shave 1 minute and 40 seconds off my previous PR.  The weather conditions was 64 degrees and 100% humidity.  As an added bonus, I placed 2nd in the 35-39 age group! This is the first local race that I have placed; the other races I have placed were at least 50-60 miles away.

To be honest, I am really shocked at what I accomplished today.  I wasn’t expecting such a huge improvement. I would have been happy with a 25 minute race time.  As I commented in another post, I didn’t realize until recently on how training for my first marathon would benefit me in other areas of running.  After I took my Air Force Fitness Assessment last Sunday, I joked around about running a 5K race at the same pace as my 1.5 mile run (7:35 per mile).  I wasn’t expecting to do that a week later!!

So as you can see, I really set the standard higher for my next 5K race.  When it comes to 5Ks, I am used to shaving seconds – not minutes! But I know if I continue to do what I am doing, I will have no problem PRing again!

Thanks for reading and have an awesome Columbus Day weekend!

Happy Running,


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RnR Savannah Marathon Training Week 14: 10/6/14 – 10/12/2014

Happy Columbus Day to my fellow runners and readers! I am very grateful that Columbus discovered the New World. His accomplishment has given me the day off today! As an added bonus, I am also able to take a rest day from my marathon training.  Here is a recap of last week’s marathon training:

Monday – Day 66

I had the Disaster Run scheduled for October 11th so I took the day off from work and kicked off week 14 with with my 14 mile long slow distance run.  It was a beautiful fall morning with the temperatures in the mid to upper 40’s.  Even though it was a long run, it wasn’t slow.  My average pace was 9:56 which is 51 seconds slower than my half marathon PR pace from 2 months ago! Not bad for a long distance training run.

On a sad note, I got an email in the afternoon that the Disaster Run that was rescheduled to this Saturday was CANCELLED.  It will not be happening to 2015.  I was very disappointed as I was really looking to this once in a lifetime event. With the delays and poor communication skills, this even was totally a “disaster”.  Oh well, at least the Zombie Run (which will be held at the same facility as the Disaster Run) is still going on as scheduled!


Planned: Rest Day
Actual:  14 mile run (9:56 pace)


I was still a little sore from my victorious Air Force Fitness Assessment so I decided to take the day off from training.

Planned: 5 mile run
Actual: Rest

Wednesday  – Day 67

5 mile fast tempo run.  I decided to postpone my 9 mile easy slow run to early Sunday morning when it will be cooler. My pace was 20 seconds slower than my 10K race pace PR.  I must be getting stronger considering the temperature was 90 degrees!

Planned: 9 mile run
Actual: 5 mile run (8:56 pace)

Thursday – Day 68

5 mile feel good run.  My only complaint was that it was HOT.  Where did the fall weather from 2 weeks ago fly off too?

Planned: 5 mile run
Actual: 5 mile run (9:27 pace)

Friday – Day 69

Did a 3 mile walk to cover my Week 14 cross training activity along the Wellston Trail, a popular walking/running trail in Warner Robins.

Planned: Rest Day
Actual: 3 mile walk 


At the last minute, I decided to run in the Nehemiah Men’s Home 5K Road Race.  I ended up with a new 5K PR!!

Planned: 14 mile run
Actual: 5K race


I had to force myself out of bed but I managed to squeeze in a 9 mile early morning Sunday slow run.  In the afternoon, my friend and I went to Lane Packing and got lost in a corn maze. It was a lot of fun and managed to find our way out in 21 minutes.  We didn’t even really need the map!

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Planned: Cross Training
Actual: 9 mile run (9:57 pace)

Planned miles for Week 11: 33
Actual miles for Week 11: 36

26 days to Rock n Roll Savannah! 

Thanks for reading! Hope everyone has a great week!

Happy running,


RnR Savannah Marathon Training Week 13: 9/29/2014 – 10/5/2014


Since I had to work the weekend of 10/4-10/5, I went ahead and got my 18 mile long slow distance run out of the way.

Planned: Rest Day
Actual:  18 mile run (11:19 pace)


4 mile fast tempo run for fast tempo Tuesday.  This was my 3rd “recovery run” the day after running a long slow distance run (15, 17, and 18 miles).  This run was the fastest out of all them! Later in the evening, I joined the Run For God class at Run Fit Sports for a shoe clinic.  After the clinic, I ran 2 miles with the 10K training group.  Following the run, I purchased a pair of orange Brooks Transcend.  I already had over 340 miles on my white/blue Transcend and wanted to get another pair to finish up my remaining training and the marathon.  NOTE: I now have 5 pairs of running shoes.  My 2 oldest pair are now retired and will be used for my next mud run/spartan race.

Planned: 4 mile run
Actual: 4 mile (9:08 pace) and 1.5 mile run (10:01 pace)


9 mile early evening easy slow run in my new Brooks Transcend. Even though the temperature was in the low 80’s, it was bearable.


Planned: 9 mile run
Actual: 9 mile run (9:47 pace)


Since I haven’t rested this week, I went ahead and took the day off from training.

Planned: 5 mile run
Actual: Rest Day


5 mile feel good run.  This was (at the time) my fastest 5 mile training run to date.  When I first started running 5 miles back in February, my average pace was 10:45-11:00.  I have noticed since I have been doing more 4-9 mile runs on a continual basis, my average pace comes down.

Planned: Rest Day
Actual: 5 mile run (9:03 pace) 


After work, I walked 3 miles with a fellow c0-worker who will be retiring from the Unite States Air Force next month.

Planned: 18 mile run
Actual: 3 mile walk


Today, I took my Air Force Physical Fitness Test.  I passed but also ended up surprising myself in the process!

Planned: Cross Training
Actual: 1.5 mile run

Planned miles for Week 11: 36
Actual miles for Week 11: 39.5

5 weeks to Rock n Roll Savannah! 

Thanks for reading! Hope everyone is having a great week!

Happy running,