Papa’s Peach Classic 5K Recap

Good evening again fellow runners! I have been in recovery mode this week from running in the Hotlanta Half Marathon this past Sunday. I ran 1 mile on Tuesday and Wednesday and 2 miles with a friend on Thursday.  By that time, the soreness in my thighs was gone.

Today, I was crazy enough to run in the Papa’s Peach Classic 5K in Musella GA. Musella is a small rural town about 45 minutes away from Warner Robins. I primarily went to support friends from my running group who signed up to run it. Last year, a little over 100 people signed up for the race.  This year, the number was 175.  A great turnout for a race that is 2 years old.

The course was 1.54 miles out and back.  The race director stated that the course was relatively flat.  While not as hilly as some of the other races I have been to, it did have a few hills.

A little after 8 the race began.  I ran at what I thought was a comfortable race pace.  Even though some parts of the course was shaded, it was humid.  Before I knew it, the turnaround point was in site.  One advantage I like about a front and back course is that I can cheer my fellow runners on the way back to the finish line.  I made sure that I cheered my Run For God friends and others.

The final half mile was up a (slight) hill.  After I reached the “peak” I saw the finish line and made a mad dash for it.  A little tired from pushing myself, I walked around a little bit then turned in my finishing card.  Then like I aways do, I turned around to run my friends back to the finish line.

While we were waiting for the final runners and the start of the awards ceremony, I met a couple that will be training for their first marathon this November which happens to be the same one I am running: Rock N Roll Savannah.  I had a chance to share some of my experiences with them.

Well here are the results of my race. My time was 24:30 (7:54 pace) and I placed 2nd out of 6 in my age group! Not my PB, however, it’s my fastest 5K time of the year. The person that took 1st was from out of One of my friends from my running group got a PR AND took 1st in her age division (50-54) out of 9! I am very proud of her. She has a desire to get down to an 8-minute pace so I am going to try and encourage/motivate so she can achieve her goal.


Well so much for “recovery week”. Think I am back to normal. I’ll be cross training tomorrow and rejoin my RFG friends for our Tuesday and Thursday group runs.  My next race will be the Firecracker 5K in Wrightsville on the 4th of July. Thanks for reading and happy running!

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Lt Col Melvin T. Ingram Memorial 5K Run Recap

Hello fellow runners! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend especially those in the United States that are celebrating Memorial Day.  I just completed my 3rd 5K race for 2017: The Lt Col Melvin T. Ingram Memorial 5K Run.  The purpose of the race was to honor him and his brother, Willie Ingram Jr.  They both passed away due to a heart attack and stroke respectively.  In addition, proceeds go to a scholarship fund in their names and the race raises the awareness of heart disease.  (More info available at

I wasn’t planning on racing this weekend, however, one of my running buddies from my running group encouraged me to participate.  I am currently training for my 7th half marathon so I had to do the “training plan shuffle” to accommodate this race.

The race was held in Milledgeville, GA about an hour from Warner Robins on the campus of the now closed Central State Hospital, an old mental institution.  Prior to the start of the race, I was asked to give the invocation.  I’ll admit, I was a little nervous however everyone thought it was a good prayer.  I was honored and humbled for the opportunity.

After the invocation, the race began.  The first mile was relatively easy – because it was all downhill.  After that, it was all uphill.  I have been running for 3.5 years and the one thing I have learned was to train on hills at least once a week.  I could tell my training paid off because I was passing people on the hills who were struggling.  After mile 2, I felt like I was running out of gas but I kept on going.  The last quarter mile was on a hill; I felt tired after the final climb that I didn’t sprint to the finish line like I normally do. Here is the elevation chart of the course:


After I finished, I filled out my race results and went back on the course to get a couple my friends back to the finish line.


After the last runner came through, the awards ceremony began.  My time was 25:01 and I placed first in my age group (40-44).  This was my third 5K race for 2017 and managed to place in all 3.  While I didn’t set a 5K PR, today was the fastest 5K I ran for the year (8:15 pace).  Out of the 90 runners that ran in the race, I was 9th overall. Considering that I started back running 10 weeks ago , I am very pleased let alone shocked on how much I have accomplished in such a short period of time.

After the race, I joined some friends to eat at one of the local eateries called The Local Yokel Cafe.  Considering I placed first in my age group, I believed I earned my Steak and Eggs! The food was delicious and the fellowship was great.  I also had an opportunity to meet another runner who will also be running the Hotlanta Half in a couple of weeks.  I look forward to meeting up with him and his family and I think it’s cool that others from Middle Georgia will also be running in this race.

Today was a good day and I am seeing that my half marathon training is paying off. I met up with old running friends and made new ones. When I come to race, my goal is to finish. My primary competition is myself.  If I happen to place in my age group, I consider it a bonus.

Well that’s about it.  Sunday is going to be rest day and I am hooking up with some runners on Memorial Day to do something special honoring those that have paid the ultimate price.  Until then take care and happy running!

My First 5K Race in 14 Months

I am currently training for my 7th Half Marathon: The Hotlanta Half on June 11.  This will be my first half marathon in 18 months and I am very excited. My goal is to finish the race; if I end up with a PR, I will consider it a bonus.

I am about to finish Week 6 of Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Training Plan.  Saturday’s are normally long slow runs, however, today’s workout called for a 5K race.  There were several races to choose from in my area so I chose to run in the Quail Run Elementary Cub Crawl 5K.  Going in, my goal was to finish the race in the fastest time possible.  I already knew I wasn’t going to bust my PR (23:57) since I hadn’t ran a 5K race since February 2016. If I ended up placing in my age group, I would have considered that a bonus.

When the race started, I was in the leading pack.  I just ran at a comfortable but fast pace.  It’s funny on how on race day, your adrenaline kicks in and you run faster than on a training run.  I passed a couple of guys after mile 1 however after mile 2 I noticed one of them catching up to me so I pushed myself a little more.  25 minutes and 45 seconds later I crossed the finished line.  This is the fasted 5K I ran since December 2015 and my 11th fastest overall.  After I filled out my card with my info and time, I dropped it in the 41-50 male age group box (that’s an odd age group).  I noticed that my card was the first to go in.

After the race, the winners were announced.  I ended up taking 1st place in my age group.  The funny thing is I was the ONLY male in my age group. I could have ran slow and still placed.

All kidding aside, I am glad on what I accomplished today.  I ran my fastest 5K in a while plus I placed in my respective age group.  I look forward to running in more 5Ks and hopefully set a new 5K PR in the near future. Thanks for reading and have a great night!




One Year Running Anniversary

Hello fellow runners! Hope everyone is having a great week. Today is a very special day for me.  I have been running on a continuous basis since August 21, 2013.  (Learn about how seriously I took running prior here). Since then I have made some significant progress.  Here are some highlights:

Despite all these accomplishments, there are several things that I am thankful for.  First and foremost, I give praise to the Lord.  Because of Him, I wouldn’t be at where I am today – both physically and spiritually.  Second, I have made some great friends through the Run for God – Warner Robins group that are joined in September 2013.  Third, I have networked  some great runners through social media that have provided me with encouragement and support.  And finally, I was finally matched with a running buddy through the I Run 4 program.

How do I celebrate my one year running anniversary? With a run of course! I decided to run the same course I did exactly one year ago.  It was the night I met up Run Fit Sports for their first group run.  Well I did horrible that night.  I remember getting sick to my stomach (probably because I ate right before the run).  I ran 2.88 miles in 32:52 with an average pace of 11:24.  Even if I didn’t get sick, my time would still be horrible. Prior to August 21, 2013, I only ran 50 miles for the year.  After I got off work, I went home and took a nap.  About an hour later, I got up, got dressed and drove to the running location and ran my 3 miles.  This afternoon was a scorcher; the heat index was about 105 degrees. But that didn’t stop me from what I wanted to do.  Even my right leg was hurting a bit but I dressed it in athletic tape.

So how did I do?  Well let’s just say despite the heat and dodging traffic, I blew my previous run out of the water big time! My time was 28:29 with an average pace of 9:18 per mile!!! I was very happy at what I accomplished this afternoon.  

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Thanks for reading (and celebrating) with me the one year anniversary of  the day I made the choice to make running a part of daily life.  Running has definitely changed my life for the good.  I’ll close with the following quote that I found this morning.  It’s funny that I found it on this special day 😉


Take care friends!



3 Races in the Same Day! (Independence Day 2014)

For the first time since I started running on a regular basis last August, I ran 3 races in the same day (all within an 8 hour period).  Let me share with you my experience.

A couple of months ago, my commander approached me and asked if I would be interested in running in the 1st annual Rocking into the Night Glo Run on the 4th of July.  He said that if I ran in, he would sponsor me (by paying my registration fee).  I immediately accepted his offer because I never ran in a race in the middle of the night.  Last month, I was reviewing the Middle Georgia race calendar and noticed there was a 4th of July Firecracker 10K road race in Wrightsville, GA.  I haven’t ran a 10K race since March so I thought it would be a good idea to run in it.  For an extra 5 bucks, they were offering the 10K runners to run in the 5K road race following the 10K.  The 5K started an hour and 15 minutes after the 10K so I figured I could probably run in that one too so I ended up signing up for both.  My thinking was I would run in the Wrightsville races, go home, rest, and run at midnight.  But then it hit me.  The Glo Run was going to start at midnight on the 4th of July, which would have been Thursday night/Friday morning.  For whatever reason, I was thinking the Glo Run would be Friday night/Saturday morning!!! DOH!!! I just signed up for 3 races on the SAME day!!! Glo Run that starts at midnight, 10K at 7 am, and 5K at 8:15 am.  Oh did I mention that I have an an hour and 20 minute drive to Wrightsville? The 4th of July is going to be a long day! Oh well, there is no turning back.  I am committed and I am going to do this!

Prior to the Glo Run, I stopped by the dollar store to get some glo sticks.  I also had the idea to wear something patriotic, so I went to Party City and got me a patriotic top hat to run in.  Since I ran 13.1 miles in a cow hat, this shouldn’t be a problem!

Prior to the Glo Run was the Warner Robins Independence Day Concert and Fireworks.  Parking is at a premium but luckily, the race organizers made a VIP parking area available for the runners participating in the run on a first come, first serve basis.  Being on the cautious side, I decided to get there early so I got there around 9 pm.  I went to registration, picked up my race packet and returned to my car to start getting my gear together.  I ran into some of my Run For God friends so we just passed the time by chatting and watching the fireworks.

Before we knew the race was about to start, so we headed over to the starting line.  Everyone was “glowing” and ready to run.  At midnight, the race started.  It was a pretty decent course that went through our “downtown area” and some of the residential neighborhoods right across Robins AFB.  Even though it was a midnight, it was pretty hot probably because I was wearing my top hat.  In no time, I approached the finish line.  My race time was 27:28 (8:42 pace).  I finished 8th out of 19 for my age group and 36th out of 220 overall.

While I was hanging out at the finish line, one of the race directors came up to me and asked for my bib number.  He told me that I was in the lead for the best dressed individual.  Huh?  You are running a costume contest?  News to me! I am being honest, I didn’t know they were having a costume contest and I wasn’t even trying.

The race came to an end and they started to give out the awards.  They started with the best dressed individual and best dressed team.  Well, I won the best dressed award and got a nice glass award framed in glass plus a reflector belt.  A trio of girls dressed in patriotic tutus got the best dressed.  Even though I didn’t win in the race, I walked away with a nice addition to my running wall!

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I left the race a little after 1 am; luckily I live about 5 minutes away.  I got home, set my alarm for 5 am and went to bed.  4 hours later, my alarm rang.  Got up, got dressed, and headed to Wrightsville.  I got to Wrightsville at about 6:30 and checked in.  I did a couple of laps around the town square to warm myself up.  The temperature was perfect – about 65 degrees.  7 am rolled around and the 10K race started.  The first 10K I was relatively flat; this one was HILLY.  My app recorded about 321 feet of elevation climbs.  One thing I didn’t like was at every mile marker, a volunteer would yell out your time.  I don’t want to know my time!! On the way back to the finish line (which I thought was where we started), I noticed a runner in front of me turned left.  I followed him and we found out that we about missed the finish line.  There was a turn off a while back off the main road however there was nobody there to direct us.  Besides getting a little off course, I finished the race in 53:42 for an 8:36 pace.  I didn’t PR (10K PR is 53:23) however considering the terrain, I was satisfied.  Now if I was on the right part of the course, I had a chance to PR (I normally make a mad dash to the finish line) but really couldn’t since I had to do a very slight turn around to get to the finish line.  I had about 15 minutes before the 5K started so I got some water and rested a bit.

At 8:15, the 5K race started.  Since I just ran a 10K before, my legs were tired but I did the best I could.  I didn’t have a set pace goal or time.  My primary goal was to just finish it hopefully without walking.  On the way back to the finish line, somebody was stationed at the turn off the main road, so that wasn’t an issue this time.  I was the finish line, so I made a mad dash of it.  My 5K race time was 28:27 for a 9:06 pace.  I was shocked considering I started the day running a 5K, got 4 hours sleep, and just ran a 10K 30 minutes earlier.  My time was faster than my slowest 5K race from 2 years ago (10:42 per mile).

After the 5K was completed, we returned to the downtown area for the awards ceremony.  They started with the 10K.  Well, to my surprise, I placed 3rd in my age group (35-39)!!! That’s not all.  I also placed 3rd in the 5K race!!!!! I couldn’t believe it!!

Wow what a DAY! I run in 3 races in the same day on 4 hours sleep and ended up winning something in each one.  What are the chances of that happening??? I consider it an award for pushing myself for something I haven’t done before.  But most of all, I did it for my running buddy Hunter.  For those that don’t know, Hunter is not able to run so I run for him.  Ever since we have been matched, he has been my inspiration and motivation to push myself.  Since I got two medals, I mailed him one plus my race shirts.  Because he deserves it! I also give credit to God, because without HIM and HIS strength, this would have not been possible.

I am just blown away on what I accomplished on this day.  I am not sure if another opportunity like this will come up again however I would probably do something like this again.  Question is will I be able to walk away with a prize from each one?  I think I just set the standard…lol.

Thanks for reading about my memorable adventure and happy running!

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Savannah Summer Soaker 5K

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to run in the 2nd Annual Savannah Summer Soaker 5K run.  The race benefited The Living Vine, a Christian Maternity Home. I accidentally found out about this race several weeks ago when I was spending time at Tybee Island (located about 15 miles from Savannah) and I checked to see if there was any races in the area during the two days I was there.  (Yes, I look for races to run in when I am on While there wasn’t one that weekend, I saw this race and it looked like a lot of fun so I went ahead a signed up.   

The night before the race, I stopped by Walmart to pick me up a water gun.  They had several to choose from but I decided to get the one that had a 52 ounce capacity.  I got to Hutchinson Island (an island located in the Savannah River, between Savannah and South Carolina) and checked in.  One thing that was very bad was the amount of misquotes; luckily I had some repellent in my “go bag” to put on.  It was neat to see others (especially kids) with their water guns ready to have some fun.   After a brief introduction, the National Anthem, and prayer, the race was under way.  As we started running, we started shooting at each other.  It was fun to approach runners from behind and shoot water at them as I was passing.  I had to watch my six because I was being shot at too!  After running about a ¼ mile, my arms were getting tired.  Probably, because I was carrying a water gun that weighed about 4 lbs fully loaded! Along the way, they had sprinklers and some power washer sponsors that were on hand to get us wet.  Also, there were some volunteers that were throwing water balloons at the runners.  I got hit by one but I was sure to return fire.  Even though I was wet, I got drenched near 2 mile turn around point thanks to a fire truck – twice!  While I was running, it felt like I was running at a SLOW pace because of my water gun and my wet clothes. Even though I had my phone with me (I had it in a plastic sandwich bag to keep it dry), I didn’t bother checking my pace.  Before I knew it, the finish line was in sight.  The finish line was a downhill slide, so I decided to go head first.  Mission accomplished!

I really had a blast (pun intended) at my first summer soaker 5K.  Even though it was more a fun run than a race, my official time was 32:27 (10:35 pace) which was better than my first and slowest 5K time.  I placed 6th in my age group (35-44) and 62nd out of 188.  Not bad for carrying a jumbo sized water gun, running in wet clothes, and stopping at a water station. And it wasn’t because I was thirsty, it was because I was running low on ammo!

Before I left the race, I had the opportunity to encourage and mentor some young men who will be shipping off to Air Force Basic Training this fall.  They were on hand at the recruiting tent and most of them ran in the race too.

Even though the race was located 3 hours from home, it was worth the drive to come out and support a worthy cause.  However the primary reason I did it was for my running buddy Hunter because I know this would something he would have done if he was able to. I hope to return to Savannah next year and run in this race again (with a smaller water gun – lesson learned) and hopefully have some of my Middle Georgia running friends join me! 

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